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We are an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was formed in 1996 by a group of committed parents and residents who realized that our school district could not afford to support every initiative that could enhance the educational experience for our children. Private funds were needed to bridge the gap. The initial project was to work with the Boosters on an extensive renovation of Kusel Stadium, adding a press box, restrooms and concession stand and turf at the high school. The Foundation then helped renovate the Natatorium at the high school and auditoriums and gyms throughout the District.

As time went on, The Foundation realized that we needed to be more than a “project-oriented” group. We needed to raise money continuously to help preserve, enhance and sustain educational excellence throughout the Mariemont School District and maintain the quality of education we have all come to expect. Today, we support a broad range of needs within the School District encompassing what we consider “the whole” educational experience. We partner with the School District to identify and invest in significant initiatives that support the academic component of an excellent educational experience. We support the efforts of other organizations that help round out the educational experience, including arts and athletics.

In 2015, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Foundation and the Mariemont Alumni Association detailing the merging of the two organizations. Per this memorandum, the Foundation formed a new committee, the Alumni Association Committee, to be chaired by a Foundation Trustee that is also an alumnus of Mariemont High School. The merging of these two organizations allows both organizations to more effectively fulfill their missions. The mission of the Alumni Association Committee is to build and maintain relationships among Mariemont alumni through local events, to connect with non-local alumni, and to leverage alumni relationships in support of the overal MSF mission.​

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